With the dazzling flamboyance of your lehenga, you can feel lost after the wedding event. You need to be very careful with its storage because it's undoubtedly one of your most audaciously expensive purchases ever. The majority of the time, heavy lehengas are specially made and especially designed, necessitating extra care for delicate outfits. It's not a good idea to tuck them away in your closet behind racks of clothing. Remember that it took you months to complete your lehenga, and it will serve as a constant reminder of the enjoyable times you had with your family and relatives.


Not hang, but fold

Bridal lehengas are easily vulnerable to becoming deformed owing to their heavy weight. Thus, if you store them over a long period of time in a hanging position, their contours will become flat and saggy. It is beneficial for your lehenga if you lightly fold it and place it on a flat surface.


Should use a muslin cloth

Before storing your lehenga, always warp it in a delicate, transparent muslin fabric. The fabric will serve as a protection for the fine embroidery on your priceless designer lehenga, guarding it against dampness and unneeded creasing.




Observe the label

It is absolutely necessary that before you start with the process of preserving your lehenga, you pay close attention to the label attached to it. If you have bought it from a store, it will come with a set of instructions on how to wash and dry the material, follow that. Or, in case you have had your outfit stitched at a tailor’s, make sure you ask the maker for details on the fabric quality and texture to plan a cleaning mode likewise. The best is to look for a professional dry cleaner that specializes in outfit preservation.


Develop a compartment for antimicrobial storage

Your lehenga is probably going to attract bugs and vermin because there isn't much likelihood that you'll wear it soon. Use lavender sachets and dried neem leaves combined with cloves in a muslin bag in storage to prevent this issue. Mothballs are another option. This will help stop fungal infections and the accumulation of odor in the wardrobe.


Grab a container

People frequently make the serious error of storing their clothing in inadequately sized boxes. Your hefty lehenga is made of heavy fabric and undoubtedly has sequins and other embellishments that, if crammed into a tight space, may break. Consequently, it is wise to spend money on a sturdy, roomy box with rounded, soft corners and acid-free linings.


Let it breath

Take out your lehenga about once every six months and let it air out in the gentle sun. By totally draining away moisture, this will give it a new look. In keeping with this, it is also advised that you keep your bridal lehenga in a roomy, airy area that is cool and dry.


Your heavy lehenga will be prepared to tackle the world for all time and more if you follow these easy instructions while keeping it safe. The latest collection of traditional wedding gowns and lehengas from LAALZARI Fashion will help you elevate your style statement throughout this wedding season.


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