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What jeans are to the western world, the salwar suit is to India. So integral is the salwar suit to our culture that a designer Anarkali suit can be worn to an extravagant wedding, while an old salwar suit can be the perfect lounging outfit.

The salwar suit has traversed generations and regional boundaries to become almost as popular as the saree.

Among Indian women’s ethnic wear, the salwar suit is both captivating and modest at the same time. Dressed up, the salwar suit can be a chic ensemble while it still facilitates movement and convenience that resonates with everyday wear.

The Indian woman wears salwar suits to work even when traveling long distances by public transport. She wears it at home while cleaning and cooking. And she even wears designer suits to weddings.

Types of Indian suits for women

To buy the perfect shalwar kameez, women are known to travel great distances and visit multiple shops before settling on something they like. However, there is an easier way.

You can buy your salwar kameez online and get the designer suit you want. However, if you’re going to be the girl in a suit, you must first decide what type of salwar suit you want.

When shopping for Indian salwar kameez online, here are the various types of salwar suits available in the market:

  • Anarkali: These gorgeous salwar suits are dramatically stunning. Worn chiefly during special occasions, the Anarkali is a salwar suit for women with the glamour of a gown and the convenience of a salwar suit. Full skirts that make twirling mandatory and rich embroidery on svelte material make the Anarkali different. This salwar kurta is perfect for weddings, bridal wear, festivals, and similar occasions.
  • Palazzo: Unlike the Anarkali, this salwar kameez design has a variation in the pant. Instead of a typical salwar, the tunic is paired with loose-flowing pants called the palazzo. This salwar design promotes a relaxed and flowing silhouette. Perfect for those who want to hide a few extra kilograms here or there, but not ideal for those short in stature who need salwar suits that lengthen the silhouette. Dressed up, the palazzo salwar suit can be worn to weddings or festive occasions. Dressed down, it can even be worn to the supermarket.
  • Short kurta or Kurti: Instead of the knee-length kameez, the need for freedom of movement has prompted the emergence of the short kurta or Kurti as a popular alternative to the traditional salwar kameez. Worn with jeans or Patiala-style pants, the Kurti is a favorite among the young. This salwar kameez suit can be worn every day or on special occasions.
  • Patiala: Like the palazzo, Patiala is a variation of the salwar that borrows inspiration from traditional men’s wear in Punjab. Perfect for hot summers, the Patiala creates the perfect silhouette for those women who have pear-shaped bodies.
  • Cigarette pants: Cigarette pants offer an indo-western fusion in fashion. The structured look of cigarette pants blends seamlessly with the more free-flowing kurta or kameez. Perfect for the office, this salwar kameez suit tops the list of those who want a no-fuss professional look.

When you shop at Laalzari, you will be able to access all of these styles of salwar kameez and more.

How to buy salwar kameez online

When you look for an Indian salwar kameez online, there are several factors that you need to consider.

Starting with whether you want a formal, occasion-based salwar suit or one that you will wear on the regular, choosing the right type of salwar suit is essential. Then you can select the color of the salwar suit, the structure or cut, the embroidery on it, and more.

Finding the right salwar kameez design that suits your body type and coloring is important. At Laalzari, we offer unstitched salwar suits for those who might not fit standard measurements and want the freedom to customize the salwar to their liking.

Are you partial to zari work, gota patti, or multi-coloured thread embroidery? Do you love the shimmery effects of cut dana or mirrorwork? While this comes down to personal style, finding a lehenga that has work that suits and delights you will make you love your Indian lehenga choli for women even more.